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EVOL Claire Croizé
HERO Claire Croizé

ECCE stands for Etienne and Claire, Claire and Etienne, showing clearly both the individuality of the two choreographers as well as the synergy between them.

22nd of June —
De Singel, Theater Studio
— Premiere
23rd of June —
De Singel, Theater Studio
23rd of June —
Kunstencentrum Buda

Claire has been invited by Nienke Reehorst, the artistic director of the dance department of the Royal conservatoire of Antwerp to create a piece together with the 14 students of the 2nd year. Claire is very happy to present Hero that will premiered on the 22nd and 23rd of June at de Singel, Antwerp. Come and join us!


EVOL is still touring on the 23rd of June inside the Almost Summer Festival at the kunstencentrumBuda, Kortrijk.