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Affected consists of three solos for three women of the same age, set to the music of Gustav Mahler.


Claire Croizé

1. An ostentatious display of being, which is not natural; to feign feelings

2. To accomplish something through a physical change; to touch

3. To have or to take on this or that form.

Affect also signifies: impression of elementary attraction or repulsion which is at the base of affectivity (emotions, feelings, passions, etc.)

Affected is dealing with the identity of three women confronted by the sense of their own finiteness, while bringing them face to face with their own solitude. I use the word finite as an expression of everything that is fleeting, of loss and extinction. The dance is focused particularly on the rites of passage that sanction the different phases of life: from childhood to the fall (loss of innocence, disappointments); and then on the passage between the fall and the future (visualizing one’s own old age and death). My approach to the choreography is purely physical. I am not looking to achieve realism. Rather, I want to maintain a sense of affectation, that is the lack of naturalism in the manner of acting.

« Il y a un tragique quotidien qui est bien plus réel, bien plus profond et bien plus conforme à notre être véritable que les tragiques des grandes aventures. Il est facile de le sentir, mais il n’est pas aisé de le montrer, parce que ce tragique essentiel n’est pas simplement matériel ou psychologique. » M. Maeterlinck

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Claire Croizé
Varinia Canto Vila, Mariana Garzon Garcia and Claire Godsmark
Gustav Mahler: The Kindertotenlieders, Des Knaben Wunderhorn, Symphony n°II: Resurrection and Symphony n° V: the Adagietto
Light design
Jan Maertens
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Stuk, Vooruit, Arcadi
Presented in
Austria: Vienna (ImPulsTanz); Belgium: Antwerp (Amperdans), Berchem (CCBe), Ghent (Vooruit), Kortrijk (Stadsschouwburg), Leuven (STUK), Maasmechelen (CC); The Netherlands: Amsterdam (Brakke Grond), Rotterdam (Schouwburg); Poland: Poznan (Stary Browar Art Centre); Spain: Barcelona (La Porta)
With the support of de Vlaamse Overheid
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Claire Croizé

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