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For the first time, Claire Croizé creates a performance together with children (aged 8-13). The Round is a remake of Primitive and can be presented indoors and outdoors in a circular stand.

The Round

Claire Croizé

The Round, a re-creation of Primitive created and performed by a group of 6 Brussels children aged between 8 and 13, embodies an explosion of vitality and untamed energy. Claire Croizé’s creation from 2014, in collaboration with dancers Youness Khoukhou, Radouan Mriziga, José-Paolo Dos Santos, and set designer Jozef Wouters who designed a circular stand for the piece, gains completely new dimensions and demonstrates a profound commitment to the urban reality of diversity in Brussels.

The performance emphasizes the vitality and pure energy of bodies in motion, closely connected with each other and their environment. It calls for a return to the source – the breath, the rhythm of the bodies, the games – and it plays on the ambivalence of an energy that is both positive and potentially destructive.

The piece is not only about the physical and abstract dimensions of the dance but also about creating a group and installing a sense of community or solidarity. At the same time, Claire Croizé highlights the children’s individuality and personality by encouraging them to draw inspiration from their cultural traditions and personal history.

The Round can be performed both indoors and outdoors: in forests, on the banks of a canal, on the beach, behind a dune or in a park; but as well in theaters, an old warehouse or a gymnasium.

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Concept & choreography
Claire Croizé
Dance & creation
Etienne Guilloteau
Jozef Wouters & Menno Vandevelde
Stage technician & light
Robrecht Ghesquière
Stage technician & sound
Production assistant
Manon Vandeputte
Artistic assistant
Youness Khoukhou
Financial manager
Christel Simons
Daily management, communication & diffusion
Carine Meulders
Het Lab Hasselt, Perpodium, Ultima Vez
Ultima Vez, Kunstencentrum Buda
With thanks to
Danspunt, Decoratelier
With the support of the Flemish government and the Belgian federal government.
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