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How to continue a fight despite the absurdity of it? Inspired by the figure of Antigone, Etienne Guilloteau creates Feu, a solo about resistance.


Etienne Guilloteau

Antigone is the epitome of the tragic battle; she listens to her conscience rather than obeying the law. Feu is a dance performance of an unequal battle. The talented Argentine dancer Cecilia Lisa Eliceche offers resilience to the live music of Zwerm: an electric guitar quartet with an eclectic style, combining high technical precision with an experimental rock attitude. Alone against the many, the dancer represents the determination and ‘hubris’ of the individual, the musicians the power of tyrants. They evoke the confrontation between different generations, convictions and worldviews, which has marked our society ever since the birth of democracy up until now.

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Etienne Guilloteau
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche
Live music
Light design
Hans Meijer
Jean-Loup Leclercq
Costume design
Anne Catherine Kunz
Action Scénique
BUDA Kunstencentrum
In collaboration with
STUK, Kaaitheater, wpZimmer, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats
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