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Hero is a dance creation for the 2nd year students of the Royal dance Conservatoire of Antwerp. It reunites  14 dancers on stage.



Claire Croizé

Hero is inspired by the 6th elegy of the “Duino’s elegies” written by Rainer Maria Rilke.Together with the dancers, we will work around the figure of the hero. Careless about his death, the hero experiences the urgency to act:

“The hero is strangely close to those who died young. Lasting does not contain him. Being is his ascent: he moves on, time and again, to enter the changed constellation his risk entails.”

Based on their youth and vitality, I would like to work both on the individual and the group, by developing for each dancer a personal language which will be confronted to the others.To embody the poem through their movements by preserving the urgency of the text will also be one of the goal.

The heroes, they alone escape in some ways, by the generosity and purity of their momentum. I am particularly interested in focusing on the idea of generosity, purity, momentum, rising and ascension transcribe into movements.

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Concept and choreography
Claire Croizé
Created with and danced by
Jacopo Buccino, Janka De Waele, Mar Grifoll Ginata, Kaori Ishiguro, Marco Manzoni Barbero, Lucía Nieto Vera, Anne-Lene Noldner, Jasmine Norton, Magdalena Quiroz, Mathias Skole, Mathias Theisen Pedersen, Dries Verstreepen, Miriam Wascher, John-William Watson.
Light design
Dominique Pollet
Joy division
Artesis, Dance department of the Conservatoire of Antwerp
Financial support
De Singel
Nathan Ishar
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