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Retour Amont: le Rêve blurs traditional notions of authorship: it is both another chapter in the creation process of Retour Amont and a new creation with Etienne Guilloteau’s signature

Retour Amont: le Rêve

Etienne Guilloteau & Ictus

What is metamorphosis if not a transformation so great that it transcends its original form? Before Retour Amont: le Rêve, there was Retour Amont, a duet created by Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau in the fall of 2020. Back on stage for the first time in five years, the two choreographers tried to reconnect with the physical through their own bodies.
For this new creation, Guilloteau invited three more dancers and expanded the musical set-up. Like a song laced with samples and citations, Retour Amont: le Rêve mixes new movements with existing choreography, improvisation and texts by René Char and Foucault. Personal connections touch universal stories of wandering and crossing borders, in a space that effaces the physical boundaries between audience and performers. You are invited to define your own perspective – or not. Different layers shift alongside and across each other like events in someone else’s dream, disorienting, enchanting and mystical at once.
Guilloteau and the dancers worked with Alain Franco and Jean-Luc Plouvier/Ictus to select music from the greats of contemporary classical music. These are performed live by them on piano and by Aisha Orazbayeva on violin, in an epic journey that travels from Cage to Schoenberg through the textures of dance.

Dans le ciel des hommes le pain des étoiles me sembla ténébreux et durci, mais dans leurs mains étroites je lus la joute de ces étoiles en invitant d’autres : émigrantes du pont encore rêveuses; j’en recueillis la sueur dorée, et par moi la terre cessa de mourir.

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Concept and choreography
Etienne Guilloteau
created with and performed by
Jean-Luc Plouvier/Ictus (piano), Alain Franco (piano), Aisha Orazbayeva (violin);Claire Croizé, Claire Godsmark, Emmi Väisänen and Gorka Gurrutxaga.
Light design
Hans Meijer
Cage-In a landscape; Sciarrino-Caprices n°4;Nancarrow- Study 6 ( transposed for two pianos; Cage-6 melodies; Ligeti-Musica Ricercata;Ligeti-Monument;Schoenberg-Farben (transposed for two pianos); Sciarrino-Caprices n°1 and 2.
Michel Foucault, Le Corps utopique (extract) René Char, Lutteurs (extract)
Anne Crevits
Julie De Meester
Concertgebouw Brugge, Kaaitheater, STUK and Ictus.
Working space Wild Gallery/Isabella Soupart; Concertgebouw Brugge and Ultima Vez
With the support of Norwegian Artistic Research Program- Norwegian Theater Academy Østfold University College
The Round

Claire Croizé

Our solo

Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau


Claire Croizé

Duet for two string trios

Claire Croizé

Flowers (we are)

Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion


Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau with Pluto-ensemble


Claire Croizé