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Etienne Guilloteau created The Gyres upon the request of the Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) in their third collaboration Project.

The Gyres

Etienne Guilloteau

The Brussels/Toronto Project follows the success of the Paris/Toronto(2011) and Berlin/Toronto Projects(2009). Conceived by TDT’s Artistic Director Christopher House, this series shows the company’s commitment to exploring fresh new ideas in choreographic expression through international collaboration. Etienne Guilloteau spent five weeks creating a work for the company’s dancers. The Gyres is a piece made on E. Carter piano sonata written in 1945-46. Guilloteau was first interested in this composition because of its rhapsodic aspect with, nevertheless, a very strong unity in the final result. The listener is carried along in an animated journey. The choreography of The Gyres is characterized by a focus on the complexity of the micro compositions; strewn with an abundance of details, there is nevertheless the concern of making an understandable gesture through the piece as a whole.

“People have a kind of peripheral vision, so to speak, a peripheral series of thoughts and feelings going on in their mind; while they focus on one particular one. I try to give the ‘ambiance’ of a given idea, or a given feeling; and also at the same time present the feeling or thought itself.” E. Carter

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Etienne Guilloteau
Choreographic assistance
Claire Croizé
Rehearsal director
Rosemary James
Production manager and costumes
Cheryl Lalonde
Light design
Simon Rossiter
Stage manager/Metcalf Foundation intern
Tara Mohan
Assistant stage manager
Andrea Baggs
Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto
Action Scénique vzw and Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT)
"… In Etienne Guilloteau’s The Gyres, five performers – half the company – dance a constellation that expands and circles in on itself. Each has a signature move or two: Alana Elmer pauses for a brief stop-motion robot dance, Yuichiro Inoue periodically executes a bravura turning leap, Kaitlin Standeven spin-jumps with lofty precision. These physical motifs create striking pools of focus amidst hurrying swirls of motion. The work is very much of the music – Elliott Carter’s propulsive Piano Concerto – progressing inexorably in a way that feels both balletic and modern, formal and at ease. (…) The European aesthetic looks great on TDT. Save yourself a trip and see it here."
K.Smith, NOW, April 2013
The Round

Claire Croizé

Our solo

Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau


Claire Croizé

Duet for two string trios

Claire Croizé

Retour Amont: le Rêve

Etienne Guilloteau & Ictus

Flowers (we are)

Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion


Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau with Pluto-ensemble


Claire Croizé