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Synopsis of a Battle is the synopis of an opera, a choreographed tragedy composed out of dance, light, music, poetry and mythology.

Synopsis of a Battle

Etienne Guilloteau

Once again Guilloteau works together with Alain Franco for the musical dramaturgy. On stage two dancers, Claire Croizé and Guilloteau himself. As two is the minimum number of people to establish a relationship, and two is the maximum before it forms a group. They enter into a dialogue and move through space, words and music appearing both together and separately. Their relationship acquires different forms and evokes different stories without actually becoming one. Nor do the words tell a concrete story, but they reveal a trail that leaves room for the imagination. The text is spoken, sung and projected; it is the chorus of Greek tragedies. All these elements make Synopsis of a Battle into a new step in Guilloteau’s work as a whole. A performance that talks about battle, dialogue and… love.

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Concept and choreography
Étienne Guilloteau
Étienne Guilloteau and Claire Croizé
Musical concept
Alain Franco
Anne-Catherine Kunz
Light design
Hans Meijer
Financial management
Klein Verzet
Action Scénique
Kaaitheater, CNNR Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape direction Yuval Pick and Kunstencentrum BUDA
In collaboration with
WP Zimmer, TAKT Dommelhof, Tanzfabrik Berlin With the support of the Flemish Authorities
“[…] The battle of the two dancers is that between soul and body, fate and freedom, passion and principle, mortality and lust for life.”
Charlotte De Somviele, Etcetera, Nov 2013
“A performance that is minimalist and at the same time ambitious, which imitates, or rather recreates the watermark, of opera and Hollywood drama, but with a sense of pureness and of the ritual brought back to its core, on a musical dramaturgy created by Alain Franco.”
G.Dt, La Libre Belgique, 2 Dec 2013
The Round

Claire Croizé

Our solo

Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau


Claire Croizé

Duet for two string trios

Claire Croizé

Retour Amont: le Rêve

Etienne Guilloteau & Ictus

Flowers (we are)

Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion


Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau with Pluto-ensemble


Claire Croizé