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Vor Deinem Thron was based on Die Kunst der Fuge, the last fugue Bach composed, though he never completed it.

Vor Deinem Thron

Claire Croizé

The chorale Vor deinem Thron is often played to round off this fugue. Claire Croizé and conductor Frank Agsteribbe of B’Rock chose it as the title for their first joint venture. Together, Claire Croizé and twelve musicians stage a dialogue between three elements: dance, lighting designed by Jan Maertens and live music. Vor deinem Thron is based on a multitude of voices and defined by the musical principle of counterpoint: just as each musician plays one or more parts, so light and dance are each given their own part.

Kaaitheater and the Klarafestival commissioned Croizé and the baroque orchestra B’Rock to create Vor deinem Thron.

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Choreography and dance
Claire Croizé
Johann Sebastian Bach
Musical director
Frank Agsteribbe
Music ensemble
Light design
Jan Maertens
Britt Angé
Etienne Guilloteau
Musical Advice
Alain Franco
B’Rock & Action Scénique
Kaaitheater, Klarafestival & Gergiev Festival
Thanks to
Ultima Vez, Pianofabriek and Kunstencentrum BUDA
With the support of
De Vlaamse Gemeenschap and De Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie
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