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Fyllenia’s dream is a dance creation for the 2nd year students of the Royal dance Conservatoire of Antwerp. It reunites  12 dancers on stage.

Fyllenia’s dream

Claire Croizé

This new piece starts from my youthful desire to make a creation with one of my favorite punk-rock bands, Sonic Youth. Considered a pioneering band in the noise rock and alternative genres, their music navigates between noise and melodious sound, between songs and more experimental tracks.

The song Wish fulfillment (Dirty, 1992), which is about dreams and unconscious desires, formed the basis of Fyllenia’s dream.

The textures and distorted sound of the music are transposed into music, the lyrics of the songs are translated to the body. The dancers embody their dancing dreams, beloved landscapes or places; they transform into their spirit animals, and present the fulfilment of their wishes by representing them in their body.

In this way, Fyllenia’s dream fluctuates between set material and improvisations, both personal and collective, turning the stage into a dreamlike space.

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Claire Croizé
Created with and danced by
Ella-My Blomdahl, Laure De Dietrich, Mei Li Dong Paez, Nathan Felix, Louka Gailliez, Kika Llegems, Marta Jamsja, Julia Kosalka, Mira Slootmaekers, Lentle Tolkatchev, Luca Tomaselli. Guest appearance Fyllenia Grigoriou
Light design
Sylvia Cuyken
External Eye
Étienne Guilloteau
Sonic Youth
Artesis, Dance Conservatory Antwerpen
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